Aruna Nene is an alumna of The Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. She has been painting for thirty years and has held a number of exhibitions in prestigious galleries. She also does commissioned works for private collectors.

Although as a subject, trees are oft painted and common,it is nevertheless close to her heart. Among all of nature's creations trees hold a special place in her heart, not only for their varied shapes and silhouettes but also for their basic character. Trees are the only stationary living things in nature and this unique static- dynamic quality appeals to her. She also deeply admires and respects their spirit of surviving and growing in the face of adversity, and their generosity and abundance.

She tries to capture their wildness and beauty on her canvas through a mixed media of oils acrylics and pastels in a style that is impressionistic.

Bamboos, bananas, bougainvillea and keekars find a special place in her works.

She currently resides in Nashik , Maharashtra after having moved around extensively throughout the country owing to her background in the armed forces as her father as well as husband belonged to the Indian Air Force.